In the past decade or so we have witnessed the use of technology vastly disrupt many industries from healthcare to Automotive. These industries embraced the change and as a result benefited from the many positives technology can bring. Most people are reluctant to change, however those which embrace it tend to thrive, whereas those that resist tend to get left behind.

Here at Truly Independent we are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our clients experience using our services. In this article I will be discussing some of the technology that we use and how it could be of benefit to you.



Our website has many features that our clients can make great use of with the ‘Find an IFA’ feature being a highlight. This tool was developed to allow any potential client to enter their address and we will then use that to suggest your closest available Truly IFA. You can then look further into the options presented to you and choose the IFA that best matches your needs based on the services they provide.

We are regularly adding new and engaging content such as blogs and videos to our website that contain useful information that our clients can apply to their own financial situation. Clients can easily sign up on our website and will then be notified when a new post is available to read.



Whether it’s budget planning, mortgage calculations or general retirement planning, our financial calculator tools could help you. Our financial calculators are tools designed to calculate certain equations that a basic calculator may struggle to perform. The calculator is designed with stand-alone keys, not available on other types of calculators, which allows it to perform more direct calculations. We currently have 3 calculators free to use on our website:

-Prepare for buying a property by calculating how much you could borrow using our mortgage calculator.
-Plan for retirement, by calculating how much you can build your pension using our pension calculator.
-Discover how much you could earn from investing your money by using our investment calculator.

A financial calculator is useful for handling many basic functions that can help you plan your monthly expenses and potentially make better financial decisions. Our calculators are available to use here.



DocuSign is a fast and efficient way to electronically sign documents and agreements on practically any device from almost anywhere in the world. Truly Independent implemented this technology as it is a fantastic alternative to printing, scanning or faxing. It is a reliable way to electronically sign documents and agreements benefiting not only us but our clients too. DocuSign manages every aspect of every transaction from preparing and sending documents to signing and managing them.



When Covid-19 hit in 2020 it became apparent very quickly that our usual way of conducting business was going to come under immense pressure from the government guidelines put in place. The key with any successful business is the ability to adapt to the changes happening around it. Teams is a great tool that has allowed us to carry on providing financial advice albeit digitally. Our financial advisers can schedule meetings online with their clients which brings along other benefits on top of being covid safe such as the availability of our advisers being much greater.



VERO is our fully integrated investment platform that targets growth whilst streamlining the investment process. Built by custodians, True Potential, our Wealth Platform is engineered with the future in mind, delivering innovation, choice, control and value. The VERO Platform allows clients to have all their investments accessible in one place. At Truly we are always looking for new ways to improve our business offering to both clients and advisers.  There are many benefits to using VERO such as:

-See an overall snapshot of your net wealth online or through the app.
-See up to date investment performance and check your progression against your goals.
-Review exactly where your money is invested at any time.
-See all your bank accounts, savings and credit cards in one place.
-Track and analyse your spending habits.
-Send secure, encrypted messages to your Truly financial adviser.



With access to VERO you also gain access to ImpulseSave. ImpulseSave is a feature in the VERO app that is designed to help you reach your financial goals faster and enables clients to invest in seconds from as little as £1. ImpulseSave not only helps clients to reach their financial goals sooner but also calculates an investor’s ‘gap to goal’ and suggests an amount to get them back on track if they fall behind. The client simply logs in and can then set up a financial goal that they want to achieve and the timescale to achieve it.


-Truly AM

Truly Asset Management or Truly AM for short is our in-house dynamic investment strategy that manages financial portfolio for clients. We offer a diverse range of products that seek to achieve capital growth and support income withdrawals over the medium-to-long term, to meet the demands of the modern investor. This includes socially responsible portfolios and portfolios that are Shariah-Compliant. We do not believe in quick fixes or short-term gains, instead our experts know that it is key to provide life-long financial security. Our investment committee is made up of talented and experienced investment practitioners, with a wealth of experience in the industry. They meet regularly to evidence and record each investment decision. It is also their responsibility to undertake due diligence on all investment instruments to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and meet regulatory requirements.


It is always worth seeking professional financial advice. For a free, initial consultation, please contact one of our independent financial advisers here.